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Concession Manager - Bloomingdale's Sherman Oaks

Los Angeles, California, United States

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Here at AllSaints we are proud to be a customer centric global team. Our vision is to make the coolest clothes to evoke emotion for our customers, worldwide.

Everything about our style and creativity is curated in-house, from store design and construction to our brand image, digital presence and clothing design. We are truly an agile business: we work at pace and take responsibility for making a difference.

We are a brand embarking on a very exciting plan and we are seeking new members of the team who want to contribute to this.


The Concession Manager is an important role within our retail operations. You are responsible for the overall accountability of the success of our store. You will own the in store customer journey, the financial targets and delivery of business critical updates into the stores which are designed to drive sales.

You’ll be spending the majority of your time on our busy shop floors, creating fun environments, while engaging team members and customers alike with your positive influence and energy. Upskilling and equipping team members with the available tools to succeed through clear communications and interaction will be key to delivering sales targets.

Our stores are fast paced and constantly moving forward, and as store manager you’ll need lots of energy, passion and tenacity to deliver brand expectations.


  • You will equip and incentivise your team with the latest product knowledge, brand strategies and people updates empowering them to deliver a great in-store experience
  • You hold responsibility for the development of your team. By hosting annual appraisals for all team members, you will recognise and highlight achievements as well as identify areas of improvement, setting the objectives for each individual’s needs
  • Effectively plan and deliver monthly floor sets, promoting our new collections and driving sales across all product categories.
  • You will lead floor walks, occasionally at director level, with full understanding of your business, KPI performance and with reasoning behind any commercial decision
  • With support from your District Manager and the relationships built with brand support, you own all areas of your business. From customer experience, stockroom operations and HR policies to payroll, profit protection, health & safety and recruitment - this is your show!
  • One management team - you set the expectations, occasionally stepping into other roles to upskill and present on the spot feedback to drive the business forward
  • With the support of our reporting technologies, you walk our shop floors on a daily basis 'through the eyes of our customers', maximising on all trade opportunities, identifying and reacting to risks at the earliest stage with pace
  • Responsible for ensuring your management and Stylist teams adhere to wardrobe and grooming guidelines and operational excellence - you are a model store, showcasing achievements and the pride of team through our Google platforms
  • Awareness and handling of all employee related matters in store, you will work alongside your HR advisor to resolve issues in a timely and effective manner


  • You are customer and team centric and will have excellent people management skills; You strive to get the best from your team, identifying strengths and ability to put the passion of individuals before the task at hand. You have a proven ability to grow our talent with strong examples of team development and progression
  • Your enthusiasm and presence is felt across the store and through your team (even when you are not there). You possess strong relationship management skills, creating fun and inviting environments for both team and customers - you're a natural host of the party
  • An active profile of the brand, you network with confidence, building positive relationships with peers and brand leadership alike - you're on the radar
  • Tenacity and belief to succeed - you aim high, setting challenging targets and deadlines for your team to work toward. You have the winning mentality that your team aspire to
  • Strong business acumen - you know your business inside and out. An active user of all reporting technologies with proven ability to use to your commercial advantage; you know what your customers want and how to deliver on their expectations - it's your passion and it shows!
  • Honest, trusting and charismatic - to team and customers alike, your strong influencing skills, personable and likeable approach identify you as a leader and in control of any given scenario - you live by our brand values
  • A protector of brand. A mentality to care for your profit margins and product, as well as your teams and customer's health and safety. You are dedicated and committed to the success of the brand
  • Dynamic and energetic. Your team feed off your positive energy and have a winning mentality to get the best results


Our North America region is made up of 76 retail locations across the US and Canada with our flagship store in SoHo, New York City. We are primarily based out of our Los Angeles studios, bringing our brand’ infamous aesthetic to the West Hollywood hills.


Customer Centric We work as one proud team to get the best for our customers

One Team We are joined up and encourage others to share their ideas

Work at Pace We know our goals, and we work with clear outcomes in mind

Be Responsible We are self aware, understand the impact we have on others and are positive about the future


Your career matters to us and we will do what it takes to help you on your journey in life. You’ll be challenging yourself and your leadership. The opportunities will be there and you’ll be working within an environment that rewards hard work and innovation. Internal promotion is the norm not the exception and you’ll be supported in your ambition to reach the next step of your career.

In addition to this we offer a competitive pay and benefits package that includes an amazing employee clothing allotment and discount. We are an Equal Opportunity employer and we very much look forward to working with you.

Closing date: 15th July 2022

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